CURB’D is creating never before seen (OOH) data and 
new opportunities to reach tailored audiences,
making it easier to present dynamic campaign to consumers.
Bottom line: Make sure you’re positioned to take advantage in placement for branding.


CURB’D is constantly working hard to steal the eyeballs of consumers away from previously known mediums. All previously known mediums are mundane by comparison and tend to blend into the background, and simply put, have become part of consumers everyday landscape. Why is CURB’D succeeding where traditional advertising is failing? The answer is CURB’D innovation and modernization to this never before seen OOH Medium. Advertisers, campaign planners, and business owners must utilize the OOH industries “new” medium as created and identified and flock to secure the “new” impression driven space at all costs. New (OOH) mediums are shifting target audiences providing incredible impression when it comes to targeting consumers. CURB’D impression driven advertising is making it easier to present a dynamic never before seen campaign to your consumers. Bottom line, make sure you’re positioned in this arena for placement.


Advertising agencies are constantly pushing their creative staff to generate “the next new, big thing” message or advertising campaign and/or medium to convey “Impressions” advertising on billboards, magazines, television and other image-based advertising. The advertising industry is one of the most competitive businesses anywhere, by virtue of the fact that all advertisers of similar products are competing for the same clients. Once a new medium is created or identified, other agencies flock to secure similar space or capture the competition’s space to compete in that same medium’s arena. We are offering you a place in the newest arena of advertising medium available.

CURB’D advertising reaches and excites people where they work, live, play, and gather. It is a media that reaches its audience in big ways with simple direct messages. It’s time to upgrade your advertising. If attention is what you’re looking for, and after all, isn’t that what advertising is all about? Curb Covers from CURB’D is the answer.