This is driven by the concept that their message has the opportunity to be viewed/seen and is impressionable.
By working  closely with CURB’D staff we hope to lead the charge on setting New viewing standards that drive your product and industry in the right direction .
CURB’D in turn will ensure our efforts get you the most return on investment (ROI).

WHY  ?


Impressions sometimes called views is a term used in OOH (out-of-home advertising). “Impressions” are merely defined as a consumer seeing your advertising.

OOH Ads are the oldest forms of advertising and still one of the most impactful. For every dollar spent on OOH advertising, it returns $5.97 in ROI (return on investment). It is 40% more effective than digital, and 14% more effective than print. Structure your creative ads around your environment. It’s where consumers work, live, and play. It’s the most influential point-of-purchase.

TV has skippable ads; radio has the choice of changing channels, OOH ads from CURB’D can’t be skipped over or fast forwarded. CURB’D has a never before seen presence on the urban landscape. Advertisers, campaign planners, and business owners must utilize the OOH industries “new” medium as created and identified and flock to secure the “new” impression driven space at all costs.

Out of home advertising constantly working hard to steal the eyeballs of consumers from impressionable mediums that lead to landscape previously known mediums. (OOH) Begs the question: Why is OOH succeeding where others are failing. The answer is the steady trend of innovation and modernization what are sought after in today’s modern market place. Advertisers and campaign planners as part of creative brand awareness must utilize the OOH industries new mediums as created or identified, before other brands flock to secure the “new” impression-driven space. New(OOH) mediums are shifting targeted audiences and providing incredible impressions when it comes to targeting your consumers. Localized experience will see a huge surge in 2019 by impression driven advertising by the implementation of new technology opportunities. CURB’D is creating never before seen (OOH) data, new opportunities to reach a tailored audience, making it easier to present dynamic campaigns to consumers. Bottom line: Make sure you’re positioned to take advantage in placement for branding.


1. Our research shows that value is created as soon as an ad is seen.

2. The consistency of a fixed message creates value seen repeatedly, by non-stop, day after day, week after week, uninterrupted, and continual lasting impressions.